The application of the TEVEC platform in retail processes translates into larger margins and greater operating efficiency.

Be able to see the supply indicators

Ruptures and the coverage of the logistics chain are monitored so that the parties involved may make process improvement strategy measures. The indicators are presented on a simple and objective dashboard that shows the performance levels attained, by handling point and by product.

Manage a healthy order pipeline

All supply chain flows are monitored and controlled by the system so that the order capture pipeline is optimized.  There is an interface in which planners can check the capture and adherence of the suggestions as well as monitor the flow of capture and revenue according to the business process.

Act proactively during shortages

The system provides the operators with a proactive view that indicates problems and risks of supply, such as potential ruptures, high coverages and planogram breaches.  With this information, the people involved in the operation can take the necessary steps in advance.



The system considers all of the important factors in order to suggest ideal supply quantities throughout the chain.


Operating results are presented in interactive dashboards for the enhancement of analyses.


Those involved in the logistics chain are able to see risks in order to take proactive action in the management of the logistics chain.


The system explains the rationale behind each suggestion to the final users, which leads to swift compliance with them.


Allows for the comparison of sales histories in order to assure the comprehension of the drivers that affected the demand.


The machine learning algorithms are constantly adjusted in order to improve the accuracy of the projections.

Food Retail

“…56% rupture reduction with stock reductions due to the optimization of the mix..”

After the implementation of neural networks, store managers refrained from filing replacement orders to the factory. It is the algorithm that currently decides the ideal supply amount for these stores without human intervention. All supply projections and the orders calculated by the neural network are sent directly to the Kopenhagen and Brasil Cacau points of sale through and EDI on the resupply dates pre-established by the factory.