Within the context of integrated supply chain planning, TEVEC’s Platform stands out for the accuracy of the forecasts and models that see beyond the borders of the company.

Configure your demand forecasting process

The platform allows the configuration of different demand forecasting plans, with different perspectives and data grouping windows.  With this, your team can automate a number of activities and always count on the most optimized demand forecast at the beginning of each planning cycle.

Keep track of risks and mistakes

The system monitors the risks of all points of movement, allowing the operations team to be proactive in preventing ruptures and losses throughout the supply chain.

Understand the behavior of your demand

The platform allows the comparison of sales histories to understand the drivers that affected the demand, identifying holidays, seasonalities, sales campaigns and several factors that retro feed the demand planning.



The machine learning algorithms are constantly adjusted in order to improve the accuracy of the projections.


The automation of the optimization of stocks assures an effective and precise order acquisition process.


Operating results are presented in interactive dashboards for the enhancement of analyses.


The system promotes the enhancement of the material handling process with constant indicator monitoring.


Those involved in the logistics chain are able to see risks in order to take proactive action in the management of the logistics chain.


In order to process models, variables from public databases are used, broadening the vision horizon beyond the borders of the company.

Integrated planning

“…the acquired precision significantly reduced bullwhips in the chain of production…”

The resupplying system was deployed in the support cell upon the request from Danone, enhancing Danone’s VMI with partner clients and enabling its expansion. With the use of the platform, the operating team earned more productivity and quality in the orders, enabling lower breaking point levels at the points of sale.